Carved Stones and Botanical Waxes on show

The Museum System participates in the exhibition "The Fragile Treasures of the Princes"

The exhibition Fragile Treasures of the Princes. The Porcelain Roads between  Vienna and Florence will feature not only porcelains, but also paintings, sculptures  wax models, ivory and semi-precious stones objects in order to highlight the passion for exoticism and the scientific and naturalistic interest that were typical of the 18th century tastes and expressed by the Lorraine's Grand Duchy in general and the Ginori porcelain works in particular.

Mineralogy lends the snuffbox in malachite belonging to the collection of carved stones. It consists of panels with gold frames and hinges with the Chevalier orf.vre du Roy Madrid engraving. The snuffbox is probably a gift for the wedding between Maria Luisa and Pietro Leopoldo in 1765.

The Botany Section participates with 3 models of wax plants of the first half of the nineteenth century. The reason for choosing these objects lies in the fact that they are housed in very fine porcelain vases. Vases that wonderfully reflect the refined taste of the Lorraine court and the management of the Museum of Physics and Natural History, who ordered them between the 18th and 19th centuries to the Ginori factory, to house the models. The latter, once placed in the vases, were accompanied by their scientific name, elegantly written on the white cartouche over a green background, a real symbiosis between beauty and scientific veracity that characterizes the entire wax collection.


Fragili tesori dei principi. Le vie della porcellana tra Vienna e Firenze

(Fragile Threasures of the Princes. The Porcelain Roads between Vienna and Florence)

Curated by Rita Balleri, Andreina d'Agliano, Claudia Lehner-Jobs

Palazzo Pitti - Sala del Fiorino | Florence

13 November 2018 - 10 March 2019


09 January 2019 (Archiviata)



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