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Rediscovering 'La Specola'

Speciale La Specola

La Specola museum reopened its doors to visitors on 22 February, after being closed for renovation and modernization of facilities at its historic location in Palazzo Bini Torrigiani on Via Romana. The event is part of the program dedicated to the centenary of the University of Florence.

What the public will see...

It will be a larger museum in terms of visiting itineraries and content, with works that have been restored, others cleaned up, and still others recovered and newly displayed.

Visitors will be able to admire two completely new wings of the museum, dedicated to mineralogy and wax works, with never-before-exhibited works such as the extraordinary botanical waxes. They will also find the zoological and anatomical waxes collections. Because 'La Specola' is new and ancient at the same time, an almost unique reality. The first among science museums to open its doors to citizens according to the Enlightenment project of Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Tuscany, among the few to have a venue that has historical value in itself.

All information on tickets and bookings:

On video, a photographic documentation of the scientific missions of the Natural History Museum: a "journey" through science and nature between Italy, Vietnam, Iran, Albania, Tunisia, Algeria, Philippines and Djibouti.
Technical realization of the 'Laboratorio Multimediale di Ateneo', on the occasion of the third general assembly of DiSSCo, hosted by the University of Florence. The Natural History Museum was chosen to represent the Italian scientific community in the new European research infrastructure for sharing data relating to the collections of natural history museums.


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