Specola: traces of the Royal Museum on a roof beam

Exceptional find during the refurbishment works

Specola: traces of the Royal Museum on a roof beam

1775: it is the year of the establishment of the Imperial and Royal Museum of Physics and Natural History, and it is the inscription on a historical wooden beam that ran along the ridge of part of the roof undergoing renovations at the Museum 'La Specola'.

The old beam, removed for the renovation works of the “La Specola” branch of the Museum of Natural History of the University Museum System, shows the date of the establishment of the Museum in Arabic and Roman numbers (MDCCLXXV).

From preliminary investigations, a symbol near the Arab numbers would represent Solomon's Knot, the emblem of the link between heaven and earth, but also a symbol of the path of access to knowledge.

The ancient “rediscovered” beam will be the subject of extensive scientific studies.

The discovery follows that of May 2020, also at 'La Specola' - under the floor of Palazzo Bini Torrigiani, of terracotta vases and jars from the fourteenth century coming from the Impruneta manufacturers.


18 May 2021 (Archiviata)



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