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A visit to the Chemistry collections, which also includes laboratory experience, is a journey to discover the scientific applications made available to us by modern chemistry. In the visit path you can see the tools and related notes to some crucial innovations and the old tools used by Ugo Schiff (1834-1915) for his important discoveries (Schiff base, Schiff reagent), still widely used in chemical synthesis and in the medical and biological fields.

In addition to the synthesis products dating from 1860 (Basel) and 1915 (Florence) there is the Collection of Historical Furniture, which is composed of about forty pieces offurniture and furnishings, dating from the nineteenth century to the early decades of the twentieth century. The highlights of the collection are the tables and the chemistry desks of the old lab of Ugo Schiff lab that represent the perfect scenario for the reconstruction of a nineteenth-century chemical laboratory.

The instruments' collection includes 150 historic objects dating from 1800 to 1950. There are precision scales, thermometers, gasmeters, galvanometers, microscopes and some prisms for optical analyses.

There are also some still  functioning spectroscopes of the 19th century complete with their liquid samples container and darkroom to record the spectrum on photographic plate.

With reference to more recent times, worthy of mention are the instruments arrived in Italy thanks to the Marshall Plan, such as the conductor and rare earths splitting equipment.

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