Mission to the Lut Desert

The project

To deepen the knowledge on the origin of the Solar System and on the biodiversity of one of the lesser known desert areas in the world so far. This is the main objective of the mission to which the University of Florence has been the leader in March 2017. A mission that allowed us to collect new specimens of meteorites, plants and animals that have enriched the collections of the Museum of Natural History.

The samples

143 fragments of meteorites with a total weight of 3670 grams (some pieces weighing more than 200 grams), about 150 samples of plants and some dozens of zoological finds such as insects, arachnids, shellfish and parts of lizards.


Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Florence, Astrophysical Observatory of Turin (National Institute of Astrophysics), University of Camerino, Museum of Sky and Earth of San Giovanni in Persiceto, Shahid Bahonar University in Kerman (Iran).

The mission represents the first step for a scientific collaboration with Iran that will continue with another joint mission.

SMA contact person: Vanni Moggi Cecchi

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