Primates Collections

The Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology has a curious collection of skeletal remains and plaster casts of Primates, for a total of 129 samples.

The entire collection has been revised and hosts almost all the finds of species present in the The International Union for Conservation of Nature's "Red List", dedicated to monitoring the conservation status of animal and plant species.

These include a skull with a lower jaw of a female individual from Pongo abelii - Sumatran orangutan, an endangered species

Learn more on the primates collections (English text at the bottom of the page)
Moggi, J., The anthropological collections (extract), in: Moggi, J., Stanyon, R. (eds), 2014. " The Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence. Vol. 5, The Anthropological and Ethnological Collections", Firenze University Press (pp. 193-196)


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