Paleo-Ethnological Collections


"The collection of objects from the so-called prehistoric times" (Igino Cocchi, 1871) occupies almost 10 thousand museum inventory numbers. These are unique collections for prehistoric archeology (called "paleo-ethnology"), mostly stone objects worked by humans (or "lithic industry").

The Italian collections mainly consist of the collection of Raffaello Foresi, donated to the Museum and which with its 2,900 pieces documents the prehistory of the Island of Elba.

Learn more on the paleo-ethnological collections (English text at the bottom of the pages)
Bachechi, L., The Paleo-Ethnological Collections, in: Moggi, J., Stanyon, R. (eds), 2014. " The Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence. Vol. 5, The Anthropological and Ethnological Collections", Firenze University Press (pp. 197-201)


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