The Botany section of the Museum has a collection of wax models, made up of life-size fruits and vegetables, didactic tables with anatomical or pathological preparations as well as potted plants. The collection, not as well-known than those of human and comparative anatomy and Zumbo's waxworks, is unique in the world for its wealth of preparations, the accuracy of execution, its artistic beauty.

This collection brings to life to the dialogue between manual art, science and dissemination as an educational act.

Head of collections Chiara Nepi

Learn more about plant wax models (English text at the bottom of the pages)
Nepi, C., The wax models and didactic boards
Baldini, E., Pomological models
In: Raffaelli, M. (eds), 2009. "Il Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze: Le collezioni botaniche", Firenze University Press (215-235)

The collection is the object of an important restoration campaign (Adopt a wax plant), with the aim of bringing the models back to their former glory in view of a renewed exhibition.


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