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SMA Sistema Museale di Ateneo

Support us

Why support us?

Supporting the Museum System means belonging to the community of those who defend culture as an instrument of the highest value, capable of building a more aware and attentive humanity, which values social and civic growth.

This is the spirit with which the University Museum System is at the service of the community, ensuring the conservation, recovery and use of scientific and historical-artistic assets, enhancing the memory linked to the territory, promoting research, stimulating reflections on critical and current issues, making knowledge and know-how available to the community.

More information on the mission of the Museum System

How to support us

Everyone can support the Museum System, making available their time or making a donation. Here are the ways to offer your contribution.

Adopt a wax plant

Art bonus

5 x 1000 at the University of Florence

last update: 27-July-2018
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