Oreopithecus150: the International Conference

Oreopithecus150: the International Conference

The University Museum System, with the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Florence, is hosting the International Conference Oreopithecus150.


20-21 October 2022

Oreopithecus150. A Miocene hominoid enshrouded in a 150-years long mystery
University of Florence, Aula Magna
Piazza San Marco 4, Florence


The conference is dedicated to the topics on the species Oreopithecus bambolii, marking its 150th anniversary of being defined by Paul Gervais.

The specimens of this Miocene species, preserved at the Florence Museum of Geology and Paleontology, have always held a prominent place in studies of primate evolution; their enigmatic character has always attracted the attention of a distinguished international parterre of scholars.

The conference in the Aula Magna (Oct. 20) will be followed by an excursion to the sites where this species was found, at the locations of the old Maremma lignite mines (Oct. 21). The two days will also be an opportunity to conduct a survey of Oreopithecus remains housed in museums around the world, along with associated fauna. 

The conference organization is open to oral and poster contributions.

The conference day (Oct. 20) is free for university students.



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For information, registration, and abstract submission:


The Vertebrate Collections of the Museum of Geology and Paleontology of Florence


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