Use and Rental of Museum Facilities and Holdings

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Room Hire

Some of the Museum System's spaces can be hired for events such as conferences, seminars,  private functions.

Hiring Rules and costs

The intended use of the facilities must be compatible with the nature of the premises. Since the protection of places and their contents is a priority for the Museum System, the authorisation can be denied if this is not guaranteed.

The authorization to use the facilities is also bound to the acceptance of the conditions listed at the bottom of the request form.

The request must be submitted at least two months before the event's intended date.

The act of granting the spaces needs to be formally approved, and the payment must be made in advance.

For institutional events, we mean all the events organized by the University of Florence or by other public institutions.

For ceremonies and private events, we mean ceremonies, convivial, or work meetings.

For other events, we mean all the events organized by private subjects that have a declared cultural character.

Details of available spaces and price list (in Italian)

Booking spaces (form)

The Rooms of the Museum System  

Anthropology | Courtyard
Anthropology | Fireplace Room
Botanical Gardens | Ostensio
Botanical Gardens | Greenhouse
Botanical Gardens | Outside Area
Geology and Paleontology | Strozzi Hall
La Specola | Courtyard
La Specola | Garden

Photographing and Filming

The Museum allows free photographing and filming solely for personal use.

For all other uses, an application for authorization to the Museum Director needs to be submitted by filling in the required forms

Loans for Temporary Exhibitions

Specimens of the museum's collections can be borrowed for temporary exhibitions.

The loan request, complete with the scientific project and the Facility Report on the exhibition space, must be addressed to the Director of the Museum at least 6 months before the start of the event.

Among the loan's conditions are the verification of the requirements of the exhibition venue, the approval of a specialized shipment company, and the stipulation of a comprehensive insurance policy.

The applicant will bear all costs arising, from packaging, shipping, and insurance coverage.

In all cases, the applicant agrees to acknowledge the origin of the exhibit as follows: "On loan from the Museum System of the University of Florence". The Borrower must also send a copy of the exhibition catalogue.


The Museum of Natural History has at its disposal a number of state-of-the-art laboratories: Meteocert and LabRam IR.

Price list (Raman and IR Microspectroscopy, in Italian)

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