The Museum System for Research

The University Museum System (SMA) guarantees the conservation, valorisation, promotion, and public enjoyment of the scientific, historical-scientific, and historical-artistic collections of the University of Florence.
The Museum System is at the service of the community and promotes scientific research, making it one of the pillars of its mission.

The collaboration with over 50 universities and research institutes, the activation of numerous projects, and field expeditions, and the production of about 80 publications a year, testify to its internationally recognized intense activity.

FLORE (FLOrence REsearch), an institutional repository of the University of Florence with full and open access, gathers and stores information on the scientific production of the University Museum System and the University in general.

The University Museum System has state-of-the-art laboratories (Meteocert and Raman and IR Microscopy) that can be used for research activities also by third parties. 
SMA also participates in the Interdepartmental Centre for Electronic Microscopy and Microanalysis Services M.E.M.A., together with the Department of Earth Sciences and the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence. Thanks to this collaboration, SMA researchers can use state-of-the-art equipment that is constantly being maintained up to date. Researchers and scholars of the subjects belonging to the Museum System, as well as other external users who wish to avail themselves of the collaboration of researchers of the Museum System, can access the instruments of the Consortium with a reduced price, and in particular to the Scanning Electron Microscope, through the conclusion of specific collaboration agreements.

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