Villa La Quiete

Historical Archive

The historical archive of Villa La Quiete has a section of almost 300 parchments and more than 5000 units (envelopes, manuscript bundles, registers, notebooks, diaries), located within seven archival collections: Congregation of the Minime Ancille of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Congregation of the Minime Ancille of the Holy Trinity, Royal Institute of the Montalve, Brunini family, Baldesi family, Medici family, Gondi family.

The documents kept refer to the period from the start of the welfare and educational activity carried out by Eleonora Ramirez de Montalvo, and in particular the foundation of the Minime Ancille of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1626, to the closing of educational activity in the second half of the twentieth century.

The material produced refers to the general administration of the institutes, to the management of the estates, agrarian contracts and rent on their possessions, to the administration of the boarding school, the management of religious obligations, the administration of inheritances and that of their farms.

There is also material on topics such as history, art, literature, educational-pedagogical, social and religious subjects.


For information on accessing the archive, please write to: laquiete(AT)


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