Medici collection and carved stones


The collection of carved stones is made up of over 700 specimens, mostly of Medici origin. This collection includes the cups of Lorenzo il Magnifico, those of Francesco I, Ferdinando I and Cosimo I, together with artefacts coming from all over the world.

Coming from the Uffizi Tribune, where they remained until after 1780, the hard stone objects are a classic example of how Peter Leopold intended the Museum: Nature and its use by humankind.

From a mineralogical point of view, the prevailing material is quartz, in its various varieties, while the majority of objects are made up of faceted stones (mostly hyaline quartz, citrine quartz and smoked quartz) or polished stones (agate quartz, quartz chalcedony, jasper quartz), preserved in the grand cabinets of the Uffizi Tribune.

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Fantoni, L., Poggi, L., The Collection of Carved Stones, in: Pratesi, G. (ed.), 2012, The Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence: The Mineralogical and Lithological Collections, Firenze University Press (pp. 54-65)




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