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The Geomineralogy branch library, which is part of the University Library System (SBA), collects volumes on mineralogical studies and museological matters.

The library includes a group of about 300 volumes, many of which are ancient and rare and mostly from the vast book heritage of the Museum of Physics and Natural History since its origins. Some of these texts had arrived in the museum from the libraries of the grand duchy, as shown by the double stamps of the Palatine Medicean library and of the Museum.

Among the texts that illustrate the evolution of mineralogical sciences are works that have played a fundamental role in the development of crystallography, such as "De solid intra solidum ..." by Nicolas Steno (1669) and the two editions of the "Traité de minéralogie" by René Just Haüy (1801-1822/23).

Alongside these, there are also works related more directly to the collections, such as the book by Ambrogio Soldani of 1794 "Sopra una pioggetta di sassi caduta nella sera del 16 giugno 1794 … nel senese" (Over a rain of stones that fell on the evening of 16 June 1794 ... in the Sienese) or the volume "Museum Geversianum sive Index Rerum Naturalium" by Abraham Gevers (1787), a veritable catalog of a large naturalistic collection meticulously described and which in part was later purchased by the Museum.

Part of the Museum holdings are mineralogical and museological journals and a miscellaneous collection, all completely indexed, donated to the Museum by Professor Curzio Cipriani - a mineralist and for over thirty years head of the institution.




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