One of the objectives of the Museum of Natural History of the University Museum System (SMA) is the enhancement of its scientific and cultural heritage,  through participation in European consortia and research organizations and collaboration with institutions all over the world.

The Museum of Natural History is a member of CETAF, the consortium that brings together the main natural history museums, botanical gardens and biodiversity research centres in Europe.
SMA shares the objectives and mission of the CETAF network: to promote scientific research and access to collections by citizens and scholars; to enable partnerships to be formed for research projects, including with new funding opportunities; to be a reference for the science of biological diversity in Europe and Italy.

The Museum of Natural History is also a partner of LifeWatch ERIC “Consortium for a European Infrastructure for e-Science and Technology Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research” through the Joint Research Unit (JRU) of LifeWatch Italia.

The Museum of Natural History has also been chosen to represent the Italian scientific community in a new European Research Infrastructure called DiSSCo (Distributed System of Scientific Collections) for the sharing of data related to the collections of museums of natural history. 

International research missions for biodiversity studies have been conducted in recent years in Albania and Kosovo, France, Vietnam, Djibouti, Iran and the Philippines in collaboration with local scientific institutions. 

Contributions to the knowledge of the diversity of the natural world have produced a large number of scientific publications and, from a planetary perspective, mineralogy research on meteorites falling in various parts of the world.

SMA contacts for CETAF, LifeWatch and DiSSCo:
Marco Benvenuti | Luca Bartolozzi| Luca BellucciLorenzo Cecchi | Vanni Mori Cecchi | Gianna Innocenti



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