Botanical Garden of Florence

Araceae family


This collection is made up by more than 100 specimen from over 20 genera and is named after a family of flowering plants with the appearance of herbaceous perennials.

A large proportion of the specimen in the collection came to the Botanic Garden in the 1960s, as a result of exchanges with other botanical gardens or donations from private collectors. Another large portion was collected in the wild in Central and South America.

According to the information contained in the paper records, the oldest specimen is Schismatoglottis calyptrata, which has been cultivated in the Garden since 1890. Half of the collection is housed in a small greenhouse , while the other half can be found  in the first sector of the Warm Greenhouse. There, in the area known as the 'Torrino', an impressive specimen of Monstera deliciosa is cultivated in open ground and it grows to a height of over 10 metres with an epiphytic habit very similar to that adopted by the species in the wild.



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