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    Whale HUB

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    Audience Development, Sustainability & Contemporary Art

    The Museum of Geology and Paleontology has developed the project Whale HUB, as part of the public competition ValoreMuseo, promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze. It is a project focussed on audience development and new media strategies curated by Valeria D’Ambrosio.

    Whale HUB intends to increase the visibility and attendance of the Sala della Balena, (the Whale Room), a recent expansion of the permanent collection, based on the Tuscan marine ecosystem and on environmental sustainability.

    Whale HUB is made up of three phases: Undersea | A Panorama of Endless Change, Focus Group, Contest. In order to enhance the permanent collections, activities and cultural events will be organized to attract a non-specialist public and create a community of interest towards the Museum.

    The Museum of Geology and Paleontology of Florence from an exhibition space becomes a collective and educational space, a meeting point between science, history and creativity, a cultural hub where creatives and artists will be welcomed in order to get face to face with prestigious scientific collections, discussing issues related to the relationship between Man and Nature, stimulate new approaches and create food for thought.

    In this way, Art becomes a means of conveying scientific knowledge, an instrument to make contemporary the whale fossil and to raise awareness of the environmental crisis that is becoming increasingly urgent on a global level.


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